The Ontmoetingskerk is a Dutch Protestant church (Ontmoeting means 'encounter' and kerk is 'church'). In church we hope to meet God and meet each other. We are characterised by a strong Biblical foundation and open for people from all backgrounds. We have about 200 members (age 0-87), a full-time pastor, Sunday services and prayer meetings / small groups during the week.

In Tilburg there are many international students. These students do a bachelor-, master- or PhD-study and some stay in Tilburg after their study to work in The Netherlands. To give these internationals a home, the Ontmoetingskerk started a project focusing on offering hospitality. We want to welcome you in our community and hope that you can make Dutch and international friends during your stay.

We offer English translation in the morning service at 11:00 so that you can join us every week. We are different in colour and culture, but we are one in our Lord Jesus Christ. We hope that the cultural diversity in these services will be an enriching experience both for international and Dutch attendants.

There are also other activities in which you can participate. We organise social activities every other Friday which are called The Living Room. During these evenings we enjoy a nice cooked dinner and do something fun like playing games or watch a movie. Alternating with the Living Room we have Eat & Meet. We start with dinner. Afterwards we read a passage from the bible and discuss it. We offer also practical help and can inform you about living here in The Netherlands. Check out the website of Connect Tilburg for more information. 

Whatever the situation you are in, whether you're a Christian or not, feel free to come as you are. You're very welcome!